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Friday, 24 August 2012

It's All About the Cheeks for the Country Connoisseurs

Last month, as part of my New Zealand Beef + Lamb Ambassador role I was part of a food demonstration for the Winton branch of Rural Women New Zealand – they have the Ambassadors do this annually.

The brief I was working to, was a three course menu themed ‘restaurant food at home’, which of course had to use beef and lamb. I had to devise three dishes, recipes and tasters for all the ladies on the day.

It was a lovely drive to sunny Winton, where the demo was held. Firstly, I had to set up my section and get ready to serve the tasters. I was lucky to have two enthusiastic ladies assist me. Finally, it was time for the much-anticipated show, with plenty of entertainment. We didn’t take things too seriously and it seemed everyone enjoyed themselves.

Last but not least, I did plenty of advocating for the Rural Women’s
‘A Good Harvest’ preserving book. I may not have been the best ‘promo boy’, but it really is an essential book that ties in nicely with my belief of knowing where your food comes from. Better yet, grow your own and preserve the excess!

We had a great response, with lots of positive feedback and even some positively glowing letters! Even though the women have homekill meat, some of them had never eaten beef cheeks! It was great to introduce them to such a delicacy.

It's always enjoyable sharing my knowledge with an audience of foodies. In exchange for my time up the front, I received an awesome present of red and black merino socks knitted by some very kind rural women (for the Christchurch earthquake charity, 'Aftersocks').

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