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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What To Do During the Humble Fig Season

Figs are a bit like nature’s equivalent to Marmite; you either love them or hate them!
Down here in Southland, the fig season only runs for a few weeks and that short run is coming to a close now but that doesn't deter us because figs are a great ingredient to use, as match well with both savoury and sweet foods. Unique and very distinctive in both flavour and texture, they make for a very interesting piece of ingredient to use.
Our True South Dining Room kitchen’s supply of figs comes from two of our favourite produce suppliers; Goodies from the Gorge and Aspiring Organics. This gives us the luxury of being able to source two varieties; Brown Turkey and Adriatic.

Because the season is so short, it makes sense to use various way to preserve some of the figs, so we can extend the season a little bit longer for many of our guests to enjoy when they come into the especially restaurant.Our answer to this has been to dehydrate them, but if you are looking for a far longer shelf life then poaching and preserving is definitely the way to go.

From the dehydrated figs we've create 'Baked Alaskas', which can then be frozen. This basically involves taking the top off and carefully scooping out the middle pulp and filling it with ice cream them putting the top back on and freezing. We then cover that with Italian Meringue and bake. Truly delicious!

They're on our Tasting Menu over the next fortnight for a limited time, so be in quick all fig lovers!

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