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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Behind-the-Scenes with B-Guided TV

Recently,  B-Guided TV (BGTV) came to film The Rees Hotel as part of the Air New Zealand in-flight video for Queenstown, which includes me whipping up a few culinary delights! 

BGTV is a quality travel show created specifically for travellers, to inform and engage, ensuring they experience the "real New Zealand" and come away with an authentic experience. Part of the BGTV mantra is that "by meeting the locals [travellers] will get a taste of [the] regional culture." 

This makes them the perfect partner for us to work with. At True South Dining Room our guiding force is using locally grown produce wherever possible and creating a local culinary culture, unique to our place in the world. That way, when guests come to our restaurant they are experiencing new flavours, that they could only try by coming here. This is part of the magic of Queenstown and what keeps people coming back!

We have worked with the crew from BGTV before and they are a great bunch, so hopefully there are more projects with them on the horizon!

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes on a shoot like this, I will give you a bit of a run-through.

Firstly, the film crew do some general filming around the hotel. This will be used to give a good overview of The Rees Hotel, including our lakeside view, the rooms, apartments and the restaurant.

Next up, I cook a dish. It’s best not to go with an overly complicated recipe as it will all be edited down to a quick clip. We went with the strawberry trifle that is currently on the menu. It not only tastes great, but it looks good for the camera and has an easy flow while making it (perfect for a short video).

Put this all together and voilà, there you have it - several fantastic reasons to come and visit!

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