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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Diary of a Chef | Day 4: "From Organics to Oxtail"

Photo | Wholefoods organic market
My retail therapy highlight had to be discovering 'Wholefoods' a natural and organic organic market chain that maintains strict quality standards with an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture.Was that place full of amazing and interesting produce!

My shopping expedition was quickly followed by an interview with Cheryl Carlesimo at The Huffington Post and then I headed straight to the kitchen at 'Double Crown' to begin our preparation for 'Flavors of New Zealand.'

There was a little stocktaking and reviewing all our ingredients and then time to create my marinade to moisture, tenderise and boost the flavor of the meat selected for the 'Flavors of New Zealand' signature menu. I was ahead of schedule and managed to squeeze in finishing a sorbet before wrapping up by 6 o clock.

Post-prep, I had a cheeky beer at 'Madame Geneva' with tasty snacks like squid and bonemarrow nibbles, then regrouped at 'Public' for a chat with Executive Chef Brad Farmerie (and victor on Iron Chef of America) who produced a 'stand out' menu of oxtail and snail ravioli, cervena venison, smoked eel with beetroot and quails egg completed with dashi custard with lobster.

All matched perfectly by a superb selection from the New World and Old World regions like Greece, Lebanon, Hungary and Alsace! Thanks guys a truly awesome evening.

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