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Friday, 27 May 2011

Diary of a Chef | Day 10: "Eccentricity at WD-50"

The next day was when the body gave up and rest was required. We went to an interview in the morning with Daniel Gritzer at Food & Wine magazine to discuss New Zealand produce, which he was intrigued. I took to the streets of New York after that for a little afternoon siesta.At 10 o'lock we headed with Jesse Webster and Matt Lambert of Public to WD-50 (WD stands for Wylie Dufresne), a neighbourhood restaurant very casual and relaxed not your usual Michelin starred restaurant!
We started with a selection of their homemade cocktails (where they infuse their own gins and vodkas) these were novel - like gin and celery concoctions, one with shiso and cucumber and another with yuzu juice. We all opted for tasting menu and were lucky enough to have a few extra courses thrown in (contacts help!) all washed down with some great American wines. The food was out of the box! Wylie Dufresne`s style is both fun and eccentric. Really playing with the imagination such dishes as poached egg with edible egg shell, spaghetti made with shrimp, aerated foie gras, a deconstructed eggs benedict were all unbelivable. The textures and flavours spot on and i have to say one of the best meals I have ever eaten..... only one Michelin star seems not possible. After a brief chat and thank you to the chef himself, we finally left around 1.30am in the morning!!!

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